About Me

About Me

Hello readers, 
My name is Umang Arya and I am from the beautiful place Uttarakhand. I have been living in Uttarakhand since my birth and currently passionately chasing my goals. This is a small about me.

Now about me and our aim
And I am the founder of ShapeMeGood
I started shapemegood.in as a platform where financial education and people comes together to make a very healthy relationship. 
We have been working so hard for only sole purpose of educating our readers, help them learn the vesu most important aspect of life financial management.
Since our school days we have been taught many things but not financial matters. And we never questioned the system why is that because we weren't aware of that topic. We never get to know that the most important thing is being ignored until the reality hit us and eventually it is to late to cope up with the reality. 
To really solve this necessacity need we came up with a plan we created a platform a website where we provide fundamental and advanced knowledge and skills of being financially educated. 

We are focussing on getting more and more people with us so that we create a strong base and form a real skillful audience who knows about real things and create a trustworthy foundation in the society. This will let us enhance and earn trust of our audience and will attract more new people and this flow will create a society of highly skillful people who would be capable of doing real help for others as well. 

If you like our plans and ambitious goal and wants to contribute connect with us in twitter and be a part of team and help others needy ones who really needs and let them know that education is not only limited to schools and colleges. 
Twitter handle @ubumang1



This is me, posing cool but I was not like this into financial literacy. I got into learning this when I started noticing that people are always facing some kind of problems related to their financial conditions, it doesn't matter how much money they earn its its about how much money they keep and spend. 

You can gradually increase your money inflow if you know how to manage money and put it to work.

They always lack knowledge about money. They try to work for money but they never focus on how money can works for them .


"ShapeMeGood" focuses on how to teach people handle money and make them educated about money literacy.
This is a simple and regular using methods one can use to improve his living.

ShapeMeGood will create a mindset for everyone how knows nothing about creating different sources of income.

Our work here is to provide the maximum knowledge of financial topics which essential for operation to create valuable assets, get more knowledge about the economic and social life life globally.


Name : Umang Arya

E-mail : [email protected]

Instagram:- @ubumang

For work queries email us or give a call.

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