Top 6 Things To Remember When Starting Intraday Trading

 Intraday Trading is one of the best trading method where you can learn a lot about Trading and share market and earns on a daily basis. Intraday Trading is quick responding, analysing, entering and exiting on perfect time activity.

You need various skills to make yourself "be yours own boss", but it is not that complicated and anyone with good share market knowledge can day trade.

Here are Top 10 Things To Remember in Intraday Trading.

1. Intraday Trading Requires high skills.

Intraday Trading means you need to continuously learn from your experiences and other skills. If you are failing to learn, it means you will be failing to earn. Yes, it is true you need to daily start Trading when the market opens and trade until it is closed and make a decent amount without getting bored or failing.

You need to develop quick response and read situation simultaneously, to know more visit Investopedia they provide the every details of all the topics.

2. Multitasking

Monitoring the market, reading movements, keeping an eye on the trend, entering on great timing. How are you going to do this all at the same time and still being patience, you need to keep working multiple tasks.

Keeping up with different task is essential and you will be used to with it when you continues day Trading.

Its no easy task to be a Intraday trader.

3. Buying In Bulk.

To make a decent amount at the end of your day buying stocks or options in small quantities is not going to help you. You need to buy in bulk, for example you bought 15 shares of of Rs. 15 each, and at the end of the day the price reach a price level of  Rs. 19 each. You spend Rs. 225 and earned Rs.285 thats a Rs. 60 profit but its not enough.

Example 2 you bought 10 lot of 100 share each at the price of Rs. 30 each and sold for Rs. 60 each. You spend Rs. 30,000 and earned Rs. 60,000. You earned a profit of Rs. 30,000 and that's your invested amount.

That is why it is best to invest in bulk to meet your day to day need.

4. Doing Your Homework A Night Before

All day you have been working and Trading so you rest now after the market is closed, I don't think so.

You need to prepare well a day before you start as a Intraday Trader, it will boost you on next day when you sit there waiting for the market to open. Always keep a check on your next move, plan it with great effort and enthusiasm who knows your one single trade may make you a huge amount. I have always seen and I personally prepare a before I enter in a trade.

It is always advisable to keep your axe sharp.

5. Always Be Alert.

Great opportunity comes to those who works hard for it, rather than to those how just wonder to work hard. 

When you spend a good time Trading you will notice there are many things that influence stock price to fluctuate.  Yes, Budgets, New Policy of Government, Deals, etc. They all makes the share market to fluctuate. So it is always important to keep updates around you and latest news of the market and all others.

They are great booster and sometimes reducers of share price so to avoid any great or small losses make sure you are watching business news and learning your next move. 

For example when Rakesh Jhunjhunwala started his career as an Investor at that time a new budget was about to be announced and many believed it won't be in their favours, but Rakesh believed it would be a great point for the share market and his point proved to be right as the budget announced. It was mostly in favour of business development and it helped Rakesh Jhunjhunwala to create a massive amount of profit.

6. Follow The Trend.

Trend in the market means where the market is turning upword or downword.

Trend is something that you should get along with, trading against the trend is only going to make a loss for you . It is something you should get to know when to are planning to be a Intraday trader.


You can use indicators which helps a lot to the newbies out their and help them be a pro. 

And if you don't know how to start Trading click here How To Start Trading

These are some great things you should remember when starting Day trading or Intraday Trading.

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