How To Start Trading in 2021 | Trading Introduction For Beginners|

This is the most asked questions and answers may vary according to the person answering it .
But it is so simple to start Trading,
all you need is a proper plan.

Let us start by a proper follow through planning.

1- Developing A Plan.

To start Trading you need to understand how it is done. Trading simply means buying and selling of tradable shares, indices, F&O etc, for a time period of within one year. After that it is a long term investment.

Plan how you are going to execute your time, in Trading timing is everything you need to learn the value of time. You have to be willing to put your energy, mind, and skills into it. You will need to learn more about the business you are going to trade with and analysis everything, every details.

Proper skillset is the key to avoid losses, always remember Trading is not gambling. Learning about how it works will develop you as a trader and time management will teach you how to keep yourself useful.

2- Trading Technique

After developing a well executed plan you need a method or technique of Trading and there are plenty of technique to choose with.

For example- Swing Trading, it is a trading technique which makes Profit from the swing motion in when trading.

Like in the picture you need to learn how to master a Trading technique, in swing trading you need to be able to find higher highs and lower highs. To buy at low and to sell at high.

Where is the resistance and where is the support and where the chart is moving in side ways. In the above picture in higher highs the green circle indicates where you should buy and in the lower highs where you should sell to atleast confirm 8-12% profit. These are the basic yet useful skills you need to learn to operate within a technique.

3- Finding A Broker.

After you create a plan and choosing what method to use you need a broker. A broker is a medium which you command to buy or sell while Trading, it can be a person or software but now it is a online platform which works as a medium to interact with stock market Upstox is one the most trusted online broker platform and it makes it easy to understand its working. Now it is providing some amazing features to account holder. Click above to open a Demat account now.

4- Learn To Have Patience.

Trading is all about being patience you cannot work being in a hurry and always try to calm your emotions because emotions can ruin your trade.

Always remember that any share that you buy is to sell. People usually creates emotions with assets and that creates a issue which is likely leads to a loss.

There are many great Investors/traders who kept their cool and patience even when the stock was valuing nothing but after a while it was a true investment. A great example is Rakesh Jhunjunwala who bought many share of brands like Titan and later they proved to be multibagger. That's is why it is always mentioned a Trader or Investor must be patience enough to deal low fase of a company.

5- Always Learns Form Your mistake.

Learning from your mistake will be your great lesson you need no mentor to success in stock market. Always be a active trader and learn from your own trade performance how to sell at best opportunity, how long enough to hold a share, etc.

These traits will improve you day by day and eventually making you experienced enough to create yourself a fortune.

6- Don't Be Too Much Risky.

Taking unnecessary risk will cost you money. Here if you think this is to much to risk for don't do it. Try to believe on your gut feeling sometimes. But being a daredevil without a cause is considered a fool's trait.

Try to be less risky securing atleast 8-12% profit first. Take one step at a time it will be much easier and a smart move to play with.

These are the basic skills you need to start Trading, these tips are going to help you start making money.

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