Life Threat Corona : How You Can Save others

In time like this we the whole humanity needs to have proper knowledge. Its not the time to panic, its the time to fight with knowledge.
In the world where everyone and everything is lockdown. There are still people who do not have information, but it is not the illiteracy but it is the responsibility to help the ones who are unable. 

Join hands to help more because being human is greater than being a believer of God.

How you can help others 

The COVID-19 is a life threatening disease which spread when you comes in contact to a person who have the virus, but spread knowledge doesn't require to come in contact.

Write articles about every single details you know. Make sure you save enough money to help the others who depends on their daily work to earn, because now a situation where everything is lockdown.
Everyone is contributing to aid, you too help others even financially.

Everyone deserves help and everyone should help.

Try as hard as you can to be immune, the researchers and the doctors how are doing everything they could to fight back needs your support. They are fighters and they need everyone's help and here's how we can help, protect your self and your family and others family too, to make them survive this.

If the government can help why can't you?

In the state of U.P.  it is initiated that daily earning wages based workers will be provided a handful amount of money daily for their survival but if you see anyone around you struggling, be responsible and help them as much as you can and influence others to do the same.

We need everyone's cooperation in this initiative. Be the one how helps in the time of need

Be responsible, Be safe.

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