Blogging and how you should know it.

  • I have been blogging almost a year now and I have observed that Blogging is a business that needs dedication, care, focus, and a will to continue no matter what. Except the rat race, it is like investing in knowledge and teaching which eventually pays you off.

What Really Is Full Time Blogging ?

One thing to keep in mind before thinking of becoming a full time blogger, it never ever confirms your income will be in six figure.

Yeah, it is true because blogging is something which works according to the technique you are using. For example, some blogger earns through AdSense so they needs a lot of traffic to earn well, some earns through Affiliate Marketing like AmazonAlibaba etc, some earns form sponsorships and some sell their own products.

If you are in the above categories then your income will varies accordingly. Niche is something which is needed to focused more carefully because that's what derives traffic.
Today, you are equipped with every tools and services to be your own boss.

Speaking of full time blogging, it is thinking your blog as a business because that's what it is.
Every person who does something as a hobby, it doesn't matter how hard you work it is still a hobby, but if you are doing business you will treat it as a business and that is what brings you money.

Start Treating Your Blog As A Business.

Yes, the first thing you should do is start creating a businessman mentality and believe me it is really important, this will make you work regularly and consistently. No matter what you will give your hundred percent to make it work successfully.

When you invest in your business with right strategy, guess what you start getting. Yes, you guessed it right "Profit". It surely will take time, blogging is no easy work believe me. You will start small but eventually reach a point where you will think that this is it, this is where you wanted to be, however it will take years to reach a point. For example, have you heard about Harsh Agarwal he is the most well known Blogger in India and he has been blogging since 2008 and he is at a point where he earns $40,000 plus in a month .
You can see his website using above link.

Their are many more people to get inspired by you can Google them.

Their mindset was to be a businessman and their startup took time to establish but once it did, it was worth working for.

Without a proper strategy, no hard works. You have to be loyal to you work, loyal to yourself. So that you never gets bore of your work.

Once you create a average number of audience you can grow more and earn more with less efforts, but does not means delaying you blog.

Blogging Is Risky Believe It or Not.

Yes, just like the every other business blogging too is risky as it doesn't :

  • Provide you surety wether your blog will be a success or not.
  • It does not ensure your earnings, it depends on the audience you are targeting.
  • It does not ensure job security.
  • In case of account loss, you will be domed.
If your blog suddenly stops getting traffic in any case,  your financial status will be affected.

How You Can Make It A Career Against All Odds.

Never giving up and taking risk is all what is meant to be an Entrepreneur or a Businessman. These types of risks are involved in every business but that doesn't means to give up, it means to work more to make it better.

It all depends on the approach of yours, it is never easy and never was, if it would be easy than on a regular basis about a millions of people Starts blogging globally but not everyone of them gets successful.

So if you do not wants to be in their category work harder, work smarter, and work every single day with dedication.

Can You Truly Be A Full Time Blogger And Earn Well? 

And the answer to this question is a big Yes. You can be a blogger professionally and still doesn't need a job to full fill your money needs. Their are many great blogger out their who did this but it all depends on you how passionate you are to be your own boss.

Follow your heart, learn from your audience and grow to the fullest.
You surely be successful soon, just be patient success doesn't have over night but takes years of smart work.

What more to say even I am not their yet but soon I will be their not just me but you all. Always keep a never giving attitude and the most learn from your failures.

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