The Impractical Nation

We all have seen in the movies that western countries are more advanced.
An that's it, its all that our great leaders wants to copy them.

Its been a while since everyone got to know our hunger index ranking that is 102.

But they seems to be enjoying being lookalike to the western parts of the world.

And that is not the solution for our problems, they must realize that two guys having same problem need different solution for their problems.

But who cares they quickly come to a conclusion that tourism will be the life saver for them.

But that is not the cure for this scenario.

Ram statue project worth 447 crore.

Yes, you heard it right when it is finally time for our country to emerge as an setting example for others, despite being so many drawbacks we can have desired results like reducing hunger rates, updating education system, creating various types of jobs, but our leaders are busy in building attraction points.

I mean what is the point of grabbing attention when your foundation is weakened by your own actions.

Copying others and creating monuments is not gonna help you develop, the first priority of the leaders should be on building hospital facilities more advancing, Creating better education system, promoting young entrepreneurs.

Instead of believing on superstitions one should be practical while decision making.

How This Will Not Help The Country Grow.

1) This Will consume the budgets of many good projects which may have the potential to move the country in the right direction.

2) This will again influence people in investing in temples and statues.
They must realize that a statue cannot change their situation, to change it they must work on the situation rather than begging someone else to solve it.

3) The most terrible problem that is hunger ratio will not fall because this amount of money can be used for ration supply for those who are on the verge of dieing.

4) This money can be used for many startups programs.
This would be the best solution for curbing with major problems like unemployment.

5) In a survey, it is found tha still many children in India are still not getting education , as there are lack of facilities, proper schooling system.
 This too is left to rot in corner for some gods.

A Question For All.

Let me ask you one question - Is this really your god who asks you to create their statues on this scale , did they asked you to feed them when they cannot eat, did they asked you to give them all your money in the name of so called "Punya" .

No, it is all your belief on life less things to give you the joy of life.
Open your eyes before its to late to understand that humanity is greater than insanity.

Your god is not coming to help you, it is you and your loved ones who is gonna help you.

 Money Really Matters.

  • Money is the most needed part of anyone's life but what if all your hard work is a waste, what if all the work you put in for money is not being used for your welfare.

It would be a great tension for everybody and that is what is going on nowdays .
The tax that you are paying is being used on creating monuments and museums.
Although museums and monuments are great as a knowledge source but if it being focused on after creating developing strategies and infrastructure.
If our base, our foundation is weak no matter what you create on top will eventually fall some day.
That is exactly the concern of everybody who is aware of this kind of situation.

So people wake up and look who is the real leader and working for you not for enjoying the position of a leader .

We are not against anybody but we are with everybody, 

We are not putting a fire in a jungle but we are the one who is concern putting the fire down to save life.

Think again before blindly following someone.

And let us know what are your thoughts thoughts and suggestions about the situation. 

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