We all are aware of 2019 situation of GDP falling down, but do we know how it affected business tycoons of India, There has been a tragic changes in the performance of Indian Business Industries.

These information everyone should know 

Let us talk about about it: 

In the recent activities many companies are facing a great loss and some are in the verge of bankruptcy.

Companies.               Loss INR (crores)

Vodafone Idea.                        50,921
Airtel.                                        20,044
BSNL.                                        14,000
MTNL.                                            755
BPCL.                                              750
SAIL.                                               286
Air India.                                    4,600
Spice Jet.                                         463
BHEL.                                              219
India Post.                                15,000
Yes Bank.                                       600
Union Bank                                1,190
Axis Bank.                                      112
PNB.                                             4,750

  • Vodafone Idea reported a loss of 50,921 crores INR in the month of September.
  • Airtel reported a loss of 20,044 INR crores in the month of September.
  • BSNL reported a loss of 14,000 INR Crores.
  • MTNL reported a loss of 755 INR Crores.
  • BPCL reported a loss of 750 INR Crores.
  • SAIL reported a loss of 286 INR Crores.
  • Air India reported a loss of 4,600 INR Crores.
  • Spice Jet reported a loss of 463 INR Crores.
  • BHEL reported a loss of 219 INR Crores.
  • India Post reported a loss of 15,000 INR Crores.
  • Yes Bank reported a loss of 600 INR Crores.
  • Union Bank reported a loss of 1,190 INR Crores.
  • Axis Bank reported a loss of 112 INR Crores.
  • PNB reported a loss of 4,750 INR Crores.

Wow, what a huge amount of losses but how did this happen, it all because of the Falling of price of stocks of these companies.
The share prices of Vodafone Idea has fallen 21%.
The share prices of MTNL has fallen 4.8%.
And share prices of Airtel has fallen 4.9%.  

The National Concern.

Is it time that everything is going to be on its worst time. 

It is national concern which is needed to be improved as quick as possible.

That's why many resolve are being initiated like, the DoT is preparing a rescue plan for MTNL and BSNL in the form of a revival package that entails components like voluntary retirement scheme, asset monetisation, and allocation of 4G spectrum. BSNL's loss is estimated to be around Rs 14,000 crore with a decline in revenue to Rs 19,308 crore.

The public sector firm's provisional loss was Rs 4,859 crore in 2015-16, Rs 4,793 crore in 2016-17, Rs 7,993 crore in 2017-18 and is estimated to swell to Rs 14,202 crore in 2018-19, according to information presented in Parliament.

The total number of employees of BSNL stands at 1,65,179 and the total employees' cost is a staggering 75 per cent of the total income of the company. Contrast that with Airtel, which has 20,000 workers and the employees' cost is 2.95 per cent of the company's income or Vodafone with 9,883 employees that has the cost pegged at 5.59 per cent.

The net worth of BSNL stood at Rs 34,276 crore (unaudited and provisional), while MTNL had a negative networth of Rs 9,735 crore as on April 1, 2019.

Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had last month told the Lok Sabha that there is no proposal to close the state-run telecom companies and that a comprehensive plan for their revival is under preparation.

Ravi Shankar Prasad has, in the past, acknowledged the role of the two state-owned corporations in maintaining a "sober equilibrium" in the market, but at the same time has sent out a strong message to them that they will have to "become professional.

Consequences Of This Fallback.

As it has taken us back few years of improvement, but there are many great personalities who are gonna step up and take the charge, but till then we have to keep looking for new solutions to the problems.

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