What is Financial Education & why everyone should learn about it.

In the world of technology and growing population people often Focus on the things which are not of much use. It is a situation which leads people in the problems which are unable to find a solution off easily.

Our today's topic is Financial Education a must added subject to everyone's life.

Why You Should Financial Education.

From the starting of our school life, our teachers told us to learn everything thing written in the books, only selective source of knowledge is taught to us. And financial knowledge was never a part of our course.  

Have your school ever did taught you how to be financially successful no they ever did was to follow the guidelines, learn them and use your skills to make someone else rich.

This was and is the major problem of education system they focuses on producing  employees not employers. That is why most the people faces Financial instability in their life because they have zero knowledge about financial literacy. They all are busy on working for money instead they can let the money work for them.

Understanding What is the problem rather than finding Why is the problem is happening?

Most of the people faces money problems some of them don't have money, some of them can't save money, and some can't stop spending money.

These are the problems people generally face. Let me give you an example a young couple start their new life, they start making their living better and starts spending money. They buy a house, they move in and now they starts buying things to make it a home, they starts having expensive things and often go an expensive restaruants and their money rapidly starts reducing. And at the end of the day they think they don't have enough money , and after few years they starts working more to earn more.

Here the problem is not how much money they are getting, but it is how much money they are keeping. And that is mostly everyone ignores.

Their is never enough money to satisfy a person. But it is the understanding of the person who makes him believe he had enough consume.  

Focus on Creating Assets not Liabilities.

Our house us our greatest asset, whoever said this is the dumbest not because it is actually but people really believe this and invest all their money in buying it.
This doesn't mean we should stop living in a house and moving to rented house but creating actual assets which helps in paying our house expenditure.

House requires high maintenance and a house owner had to pay the taxes for buying a house and people generally expend all their money in buying a house which is their liability. Our main focus should be creating actual assets which pays us well. This gives us extra money as well as will helps us in time of uncertain expense.

It is people's knowledge about financial stability which makes them rich. Having small assets is actually better than having fake assets.

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