Mob Lynching : A Critical Situation

I got to know about the incident in state of Jharkhand, there a man got killed by public for suspecting a theft.

Lynching is public killing of people in the name of justice. Who actually are responsible for justifying the guilty ones, aren't they the the government authorities, the Judicial.

But people are killing one another for justice and then fleeing away the situation like nothing happens.

16 Lynching Cases In Last Two Months.

Yes, it has been reported 16 cases where atleast 22 people were killed by Lynching. And it is only in couple of months, it is needed to be taught to the public that killing people in the name of justice, caste or religion is a serious crime and is punishable by the law.

But even knowingly people are killing people believing the rumors what are in the air without any solid proof.

According to a rumour a nepali guy was believed to be a child kidnapper. And he was tied to a pole and beaten to death. Afere the incident the police informed that it was a lie a lie and people are insane to believe a false news which was spreading in the WhatsApp.

The very concern is this sharing of fake news, it is a major problem that people are sharing this and believing in this insanity. It is the general awareness which must be kept in mind that there is no such proof to kill somebody.

Recently a man belonging to Muslim's community was killed in the suspect of theft.
People tied him to a pole and beat him and made him chant hindu slogan. It was reported that he was beaten to death because of his religion. There was no such proof of him being involved in a theft.

It is the stupidity of the public for his death and the police of Jharkhand have caught some of the culprits.

It is so wrong to kill people for their religion, there have been many reports of religious fight.

It must be stopped.
The very first step is to putting an end to this fake news, wherever people shares you a news ask them for the source and report it as a topic for fight.

And people must understand that religion is never a threat to anyone, it is the actions of people which actually is.

It is a national issue for public safety from the public. Everyone must realise that their actions might get someone killed, the duty of the public when they find any unethical activity is to inform the cops. And never trys to take the law in their hands. 

It must be generally aware to all that law is same for everyone even for the culprits.

a If anyone try to act accordingly to them then they must be get ready to the result and the higher authority makes sure nobody gets away after doing such things. Be responsible citizens. 

Comments your views on the mob Lynching events and let others know how it can be prevented and it is a crime to do so.

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