Blogging and why it is a potential career.

When it comes to be an entrepreneur or businessman, very less of us think about blogging a potential choice. Because still it is a not well known career.


Because blogging is potentially a bright future, if you are not familiar with blogging, let me tell you it is a platform where you can share knowledge, ideas, news, thoughts, business, etc all you need is to trigger the right niche or topic and you get paid for people coming to you site via Google ads, brand, or affiliate marketing. There are tons of ways to earn money.  Blogging especially in India have great potential you can't directly pay for a luxury car but can pay your bills. 

The number of bloggers are increasing every day but not the half of them are successful because they are not taking it seriously, it is like a business where you need to work every single day, you need to put in the hardwork to increase your traffic. Some well known bloggers are Harsh AgarwalNeil patelAmit  AShradha sharma and many more, they took their work seriously. And they are very successful and making a living with it 

How blogging works?

To get stable in blogging financially and popularity you need to be regular, yes you need to update your blog regularly and with particular topic, you need to create your audience. Your aim while blogging is to be in top ranks and you blog has to be trustworthy, people need to believe you that you are giving them genuine new information. 

Illegal activities in blogs are prohibited, blogger's work should be ethical. The contents that you are writing must be attractive so that it generates a regular visitor.

Blogging tools. 

1- The very first thing you need is a platform, there are plenty of options available but the best are  Blogger and WordPress 

As blogger provides you the best and easiest user friendly interface to work with and learn its functioning. 

And WordPress gives you the advance interface with much more options than blogger. It is the advance platform to work as blogger.

2- The second thing you need after choosing the platform is a proper name and domain and hosting. You can get hosting for GoDaddyBig RockHostgatorGoogle. These are the top providers of hosting and domain name.

3-  To monetize you blog the best option is Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, brand sponsoring etc are best.

4- As your audience grows your cpc increases and it will increases your revenue.

Myths Surrounding Blogging.

There are tons of myths surrounding blogging as a career but they are not true.

1- It is a virtual world and cannot be an option for making a living :-

      It is true that it is a virtual world but now days internet is everything, it has become a part of our daily life. It is ture we can make a living out of it, and many people are already doing it.

All it needs is dedication towards your work and it will become a reality that you really wanted.

2-  It is full of risk and it is uncertain :-

    Everything we do is uncertain, everything we want with our tomorrow is uncertain and full of risks. Doing a business is not easy if it was than everybody would do it. Doing a business requires taking risk for the betterment, it is always uncertain what's gonna happen tomorrow, you might end up being a millionaire only if you work, take risks and don't let the others get into your head.

While blogging we think of getting more and more of traffic and increasing your revenue.
What if some day you stopped getting traffic, what if you are not getting paid for your work, what if Blogging platforms dissolves.

Relax its not gonna happen, Blogging is something which will continue, there is no chances that it will get changed or replaced in the near future and it is a proven fact.

It is like doing a business with zero in your hand and as you regularly work and regularly makes more and more customers. You will keep getting better and keep growing your business and your revenue will be doubling everyday. It is a dynamic environment, you have to work according to the surrounding.

That is all for today, next time we will continue this and talk more about blogging. There are tons of things to talk more.

Share your views on haw Blogging changed your life. And stay tuned for more

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