We humans are considered as the most intelligent being on this planet, but we all are trapped in a trap and it needed to be changed. 

We are living in a world where everything thing is possible, but we all have accepted to live like rats. Yes it is true and we all have become comfortable in this rat cycle.

It all began with our first lesson to go to school, get good grades, get to the college and finally settle for a safe and secure job. Our parents did the same too so they decided us to do the same without questioning the old tradition. They never thought what worked for them might not works for us, people needs to change their thinking, they need to understand their is more than getting a 9 to 5 job this world is full of opportunities we need to change the way we teach our children like our parents did.

We needs to teach them creating assets instead of creating liability and expenses.


I was reading a book its "rich dad poor dad" and it was fascinating that how the author got two father father figure of totally different mentality. It is true we are progressing as whole but individually not so.

How many people around you have wealth, how many people or you have more assets than the expenses, the answer probably be zero because many of us belongs to 9 to 5 job even if we are in a good job we never go beyond that. Today's world is not about hard work but it is about smart work.

It is said hard work pays off but does it really pay you that well, no it doesn't because working hard for somebody is not a good one it is like giving a fortune that you have created.

We were told to work every hard till we retire and fully rely on pension for the rest of the life.


Reality is simple like a balance sheet we need to create more and more assets instead of liabilities. We meed to focus on things which pays us back which are our everyday returning investment. 
We need to differentiate between what we truly need and what we want. 

Make investments, its really good now days relying on pension and salary is not enough world is changing and it rapidly becoming mor e expensive. 

People cant identify between creating a big bank balance and creating wealth because eventually bank balance spent and finished but wealth is something which always pays you regular and its not something which ends its.

There is only a few wealth people who stand apart from the rest who only focuses on creating wealth.

Their right aim makes them the wealthiest person among the rest.


Entrepreneurship is something that is in our mind in some part of our life but it mostly ended because of our education we got, our partners told us it is not the safe thing to play with. But they all forgot that boss is better than a high paid slave. 

Only Focus on being smart and working with smart people but leaves the idea of hiring smart people to work for you. 

Now the demand of kings are still high but the need of king maker is higher.


we all are thrill seeking people but when it comes to entrepreneurship we all wants to play it safe, from the very first lesson that our parents gave was to always work for safe and secure job.

But life is meant to be tricky to achieve something great we need to take risk because risks are the very first indicator of greatness. If it really was easy than everybody do it without efforts.

No job is going to pay your all bills and let you still relax without stressing about money.

It is good to be your own boss where you are incharge of your fortune.

The whole concept of this post is to deliver a thought of questioning the old ways, modern problem needs modren solutions.
"Work apart from the rest to stand apart from the rest" 

How would you like to end this rat trap comments down your views

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