After getting out of college after graduation we all moves to our next move which is getting a job and work for an institution for our rest of the life, but we always forgets the alternate source or passive source of income that is Investing. So to educate all we are going for the topic INVESTING.

What really is Investing ?

The very first question is what is investing, t
What are the options for investing, how to learn investing or is it really difficult to get its full benefits.

These are the questions that arises in our mind. Investing is simply investing in assets tangible or intangible which get us profit in the certain time period. There are plenty of options but we are going for the "OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR INVESTING" in the nest post.

Investing is really a very old method of dealing with uncertainty of future. For example, when we notice that we are unable of create a wealth for our future, we starts savings for creating future wealth which is a very basic method of investment. Anything which is spend on creating a help for certain time is investment. It all requires basic knowledge of it.

Investing : gambling or working?

Gambling and investing both are full of risks.
Gambling is entertainments, fun but Investment is business.

Investing and gambling is only a matter of approach.

Investing is : 

- Sufficient research has been conducted;

-The odds are favorable;

- The behavior is risk-averse;

- A systematic approach is being taken;

- Emotions such as greed and fear play no role;

- The activity is ongoing and done as part of a

- Long-term plan;

- The activity is not motivated solely by entertainment or compulsion;

- Ownership of something tangible is involved;

- A net positive economic effect results.

Gambling is : 

- Little or no research has been conducted;

- The odds are unfavorable;

- The behavior is risk-seeking;

- Wn unsystematic approach is being taken;

- Emotions such as greed and fear play a role;

- Ownership of something tangible is not involved;

- No net economic effect results.

When to start Investing ?

There is no such time to invest but the earlier is better. It always advisable to research thoroughly. To prevent any losses in the future.

Always plan first, confused how to plan here are some tips ; 

Financial planning :-

1- Visualise - The first step is plan or Visualise how you lead your lifestyle ahead in order to set a goal to achieve.

2- Route - It is the method or way to invest in suitable assets in order to get maximum profit out of it.

3- Stick to the plan - After the goal is set you must stick to the plan always remember the more struggle you suffer the sweetest your victory.

4- Always learn and improve -  The most important is always learn and improve, there always room for improvement.
This is the step to victory.

"The conclusion is always invest for better always work to get better, investing is really a good business if you don't believe read about Warren Buffett the greatest investor of all time." 

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