Feeling Under Pressure?

Feeling under pressure?Than you are on the right page to release it we will help you. Life is so much big and precious to be under pressure. All you need is a right point to release it.

It is a recent incident of yesterday one of my school mate of different section died of a heart attack late in the night. His parents tried to save him but unfortunately they couldn't. It was found that he was under pressure of getting good scores and getting a good college.I got the news that his parents wanted him to get in IIT one of the good institute in India.I felt that we all are under pressure of something. Some are under getting a well job, having a family, relationship status or as being a student getting a safe future, is it worth getting so stress about the things which are only a matter of time is it really worth giving up one life because of failures. No i don't think so we must understand that being under pressure is only a imaginary wall that is going to crush you its not about what others will talk about you its about what you are to tell others that you have done. Be strong, be courageous to do the daring be the one who controls the pressure not the one who gets controlled by the pressure.

Life is so beautiful it has so much to offer don't waste it on reckless choices.
Being is strong is only a matter of mindset, its not about the strength its about the courage it takes to take the risk. 

How To Deal With Pressure?


If you think a same mindset will solve your problem which created it then you are wrong.
Things are not working the way you want it to be because you are not looking for a right way. Go find your real self, explore your surrounding your answer may be right there. 
Stressing yourself is not gonna work, relax think and seek help its not wrong to get help something which is only meant to be done by you.


This one is specially for the,teens you think you think you are mature enough to solve your own matters even if they are out of your potential, then you are probably as all. In that age we all think the same but it does not mean we all are right. Our parents before they became parents they were in our position too go talk to them everything you are suffering. I am sure they will understand you and help you in dealing with your problem after all they want is us to be happy.


Sometime we are unable to solve a problem now but when we try it later we solve it. It makes us amused how we did it later. If you cannot overcome your problem do some other activity play some sports, go on an adventure which shifts your mind .It will help you.


Literally give up it not what you think it is sometimes giving up something you are trying your best and couldn't get result. It gives you a feeling why is it worth doing so much. Then it is a right time for you to give up. If you really want to do it , if it really matters for you then you will do it again with all your heart and with a different approach. It might help you.
You never know whats gonna happen next always keep hoping for the best and keep up the good work.

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