A soldiers ' tribute

The argument begins with my father as I said i want to join the Indian Army and as always his reply was never gonna happen.
I tried to convince him but he wasn't ready to listen, yes that generally happens when I try to talk about joining army and not because he hate army but he fears that soldiers nerve give up they will accept their death bit not giving up.
Indian army whenever I heard this my mind and heart goes to into the deapth of patriotism and its because of what they do knowing that this is not a best carrer, everybody is chasing money yeah soilders too need money but not for them but for their loved ones.
I never loved knowing about our history but knowing the history of army was way too love.
I always used to sit alone in my room searching the history and events about the army when my family members having a quality time together.
I used to be a introvert but with army makes me a carzy talker, I joined the NCC to be a part of defence family. Ncc is the basic of Indian army to know the army culture and its moto  "unity and discipline" that is true love for me.
But the said reality of defence is we fight for those who couldn't fight for themselves we are never be the one to strike first but we will be the one when stiked, take too much time to think to act, and that causes the fear of parents to let their children to choose a different career too risky to join as its itly life threatening.
But the catch is they will never understand that its not only a career option but a way to live a life full of honor.
And we, I will never stop being a part of Indian army
"Courage, above all other is the trait of a soldier"

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